16 years ago my best friend brought me to this little farming community of Swellendam. He wanted to show me the magic of small town living. We came for one weekend, but I left my heart here and you can’t live without your heart.

So three months later, I gave up everything in the city, job, salary, flat and cat and moved here to find my heart. I found it, it was here under the mountain all the time, in the forests and the rivers, in the call of the nightjar at dusk, on the back of horse. It was here, with all these friendly smiling faces and open hearts of all the people I now call my friends.

Warm country-loving people, small town community hearts. It was here. The place I found my family. The place I made my family.

10 years later, I invited that same friend back to Swellendam, to continue what we had started all those years ago. To create something together, to keep climbing mountains, to build a dream, our own dream and to give our dream to the town that had our hearts. And today, June the 1st, Alex and I have been doing this together for 6 years and we still love living in this town, we still love working in this town. It’s still as magical as that day in 2004, but it’s a little different…

It’s our home now.


And now our home town needs all of us, we need each other more than ever, us small town folk. We need to pull together, to lift each other up. We all need to focus on what’s right in front of us. We need to look at what is here. And what is here? Everything we need. So this is our new venture. Sharing the magic of our town. Sharing this way of life.

Celebrating what’s right here. Living Local. Loving Local.

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