At Atelier, we believe that a brand is not simply a logo and a sign. As your company grows, your clientele come to believe in and trust your brand, and this relationship should be supported and strengthened via communication that is consistent, clear and beautiful, always building from and strengthening your business strategy.

That’s what I have come to expect from this brand.

How is your product presented on shelves, on social media, in magazines? Do you know what fonts are being used, what your colour palette is, what tone your messages carry?  Do you believe in your image, in your promise? The more focused you are on consistency, the less diluted your brand will become, making it recognisable and trustworthy. A focused, consistent and beautiful message is more likely to be noticed, read and shared with others.

Since inception, we have helped The Country Butcher in Swellendam maintain a consistent tone throughout their many public offers and specials. They are more active through Facebook and email, so we have created templates based on their identity that carries an air of freshness, clarity and old-school family sincerity. These are then easily presented and used across any media platform:

The Country Butcher Ads
These ads maintain a consistent tone in message, colour, background texture and illustration style.

When they feature messages about a special, we have placeholders that are neat and direct, ensuring that the intention of the post is not overlooked when streaming across a timeline:

The Country Butcher Specials
Use of colour, illustration style and fonts ensure these images are instantly associated as a message from The Country Butcher.

We changed the format of this Christmas invite as the butchery wanted the message to appear less corporate and more personal, which set up a new tone for the butchery as being able to relax into a festive spirit, while maintaining an air of sincerity associated with their corporate promise:

The Country Butcher Xmas
We used some decorative fonts and colours to break the corporate look over Christmas.

We feel that a consistent brand should support a consistent product, both working to deliver a solid message to your client, building loyalty through trust. We challenge you to look across your own website or Facebook page, and pick out what you feel is most consistent in tone with your brand. Look out for how colour is being used, legibility of fonts in your posts, quality of photography and the tone of your messages.

These are all the little things that curious people visiting your site use to make up or reinforce an opinion on you, which in turn brings the decision to like and share.