Boutique Design Studio

Bruce Geils and Alex Hayn make up the brand consultancy as Atelier. Both bring over 20 years of award-winning experience at agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, The King James Group and The Jupiter Drawing Room. Bruce and Alex opted to leave the city to balance a healthy outdoor lifestyle hiking the local mountains, raising families and building brands in the country. Online channels allow us to effectively interpret brand requirements the world over, and since inception have developed solid working relations across business disciplines including the wine and food industry, beauty, retail, through to hospitality, music, finance and education. We have also been active in sponsoring projects for tourism, the SPCA and local artistisans. As a versatile and accessible brand consultancy, we have vastly differing influences and tastes, enabling us to offer our clients a wide range of creative solutions, whether it’s for a band, or a bank.




“We consider the Atelier team to be an extension of our own, and we’ve worked with them on a number of projects – big and small. We love that we can collaborate with them as partners, rather than work through a traditional supplier/client relationship. It means we can work alongside each other to create work that is crafted, well thought out and beautiful.”

Emma King – Founder, The Friday Street Club


“We first met Bruce and Alex when we starting planning our new butchery in town. From the get go, they just got it! They took our ideas and perfected them. The result, a brand identity that comprises every aspect of The Country Butcher. Their creative vision is contagious and their meticulous approach is visible in so many details. Through all of this, they made a personal contribution to every job and truly understood our specific needs. With Atelier it is a journey. They are not simply a company who did some graphic design job for us, they are our partners and “brand keepers.” They will be there every step of the way as our brand continue to grow. More than this they are simply fun to work with. Thank you Atelier, we salute you!”

Gwynnedd Laubscher – Co-owner, The Country Butcher, Swellendam


“I love the authentic route they are taking, the connection between nature, holistic lifestyle and how that gets integrated and expressed in their creative work. How their natural environment is playing a big influence on the designs rather than the work being influenced by the pressure of social media. It shows through in the integrity and soul of the creative work.

Marcelle van Wyk – Sello Studio, London


“From the beginning our work with Atelier has greatly enhanced our market standing. People constantly ask “who did your branding?” “Who developed your website?” These days when money for fledgling businesses is tight, we are often tempted to go the “home made” route and design your own brand. This is one area where, having experienced the professionalism of Atelier and the end result, I would not cost cut. Trust me, it was worth every penny to cost cut in other areas so that we could afford to invest in this one.

We sit and compare our branding and website to others in our field and frankly there is no comparison!

The strong branding and professional looking website from Atelier has even secured us strategic partnerships with much larger organisations because we fit! This is huge for us, and testament to Atelier understanding the impact a strong identity in the market place can be. We were advised to consider this from day one, at times we got absorbed in the minutiae, but they had their eye on the ‘big picture’ the whole way through.

We had our own ideas on how it would look and Atelier listened to these and worked with us on creating something that we were happy with and that they knew would work for us. I have to admit to being stubborn on a number of issues and Atelier were supportive and clear in their reasons why I may want to be flexible. They have been proven right every time! We are on version 2 of the website due to growth of the company and delivery of additional products. We now manage the site, but know that Atelier are easily contactable should we need support. In the next year we will be expanding the website further and introducing more branded items to our marketing. There is no question about using Atelier again. We are confident in our future knowing that we got the branding right from the start. Thank you Atelier!”

Katie Meneely – Co-Founder, Naviture, Dubai.


“Our journey with Atelier began 16 years ago with our small hotel’s corporate identity and we are still working with them. They just ‘get it’… quickly, easily and reasonably. Such a pleasure to work with genuinely good humans. Thank you guys.”

Alison Walker – Owner, Schoone Oordt Country House, Swellendam


“Bruce has a very special ability to understand a client’s aesthetic needs and to adapt his style to the handwriting and signature look of his client. It is a rare ability. We have worked together now for the past nine years on Rain product labels, photography, marketing material and web design. I have almost never rejected any work he has produced and I trust his judgement on what looks right for my brand. He is super easy to work with and knows how to listen intensively and intuitively interpret a brief. I love working with him on the Rain brand.”

Bev Missing – Founder, Rain Africa, Swellendam